On April 16, 2011, Governor Robert Bentley signed Executive Order 13, directing organizational realignment of the Fusion Center within the Alabama Department of Homeland Security (now Alabama Law Enforcement Agency). The executive order indicates the Fusion Center will serve as the primary entity within this state with the functional responsibility for the fusion and dissemination of terrorism-related, law enforcement, public safety, and all hazards information [relating to criminal and terrorist activity].

As indicated in Executive Order 13, the mission of the Fusion Center is to promote the collection, integration, and evaluation of information that has an effect on detecting and preventing criminal or terrorist related activity. Additionally, it will serve as an intergovernmental bridge between federal, state, local and private entities to promote collaboration and information sharing. In this regard, the Alabama Fusion Center will assist in enabling law enforcement, public safety, emergency management, private sector and other partners to mutually aggregate, analyze and disseminate criminal and terrorist related information.

Stated simply, the Alabama Fusion Center is responsible for gathering tips and suspicious activity reports, analyzing the information, and providing relevant information and intelligence to Alabama law enforcement officials, homeland security officials, first responders, private sector security personnel, and other stakeholders.

It was recently reported that over 80% of the planned terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been stopped as a direct result of citizens who saw something unusual and reported the suspicious activity to the proper authorities. It’s always appropriate to report suspicious activity to local law enforcement because they are in the best position to investigate and take immediate action. When this is not possible, our web site provides links and information regarding how citizens, private sector security personnel, first responders and other stakeholders can report suspicious activity.

Please help us prevent both criminal and terrorist activity—if you see something, say something!

Joe B. Davis